Viking Coca-Cola

One of the new delivery trucks Viking Coca-Cola (St. Cloud) purchased in 2016Viking Coca-Cola (St. Cloud) had a truck-replacement project funded by FY2016 Diesel Emission Reduction Act grant money.

As part of the agreement, two trucks from the late 1990s were scrapped and their engines disabled. Combined, these trucks traveled 130,000 miles per year. The new clean diesel engines reduced fine-particle pollution by 97 percent (184 lbs.) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) by 95 percent (2.67 tons).

Fleet manager Aaron Meierhofer reports that after 9 months, the new trucks are averaging 7.025 miles per gallon (a 17% increase from the old trucks). Cost per mile on the old trucks (with maintenance) was $0.077 and the new trucks are $0.029. That’s a difference of $28,800" (over the life of the each truck, over 600,000 miles).

He also added, "The drivers say the new tractors are very quiet and that the new automatic transmissions are the only trucks they want to drive from now on. From a fleet safety standpoint, I really appreciate the increased focus that a driver will put into their surroundings, rather than spending time worrying about shifting."