Spectro Alloys Corp.

Spectro Alloys replaced 2 diesel forklifts and reduced air pollution.Spectro Alloys Corp. operates a 24/7 aluminum recycling plant in Rosemount. Their equipment is used around the clock.

They replaced a pair of old diesel forklifts (a Tier-0 and a Tier-1) that essentially had no emission controls. A $24,000 DERA grant helped them purchase two new forklifts that meet the latest emissions standards (Tier-4), cutting fine-particle pollution by 99 percent. That is nearly one ton of pollution, the equivalent of cutting the annual pollution of 19,000 average cars. Big reductions are also seen in nitrogen oxides (58%), hydrocarbons (87%) and carbon monoxide (97%).

As part of the grant requirements, the old diesel engines are disabled by cutting a 3-inch diameter hole in their engine blocks and the forklift chassis is also cut. This ensures these old forklifts and engines will never pollute again.