Preparing for an air administrative amendment for a change of ownership, facility name, owner or operator name e-Service submittal

To help make your e-Service submittal go as smoothly as possible, below are some things you'll need to have ready before you begin.

Administrative changes

On this page, you will need to select all of the options that apply to your request: Change in Facility Name, Change in Facility Ownership or Control, and Change in Owner’s or Operator’s Name. If you choose Change in Facility Name, you will be prompted to fill in the revised information. For Change in Facility Ownership or Control, you will be prompted to fill in the projected/effective date of the transfer.

The revised owner or operator name will be completed on the Contacts screen.


On this page you will need to complete information for each contact for the facility: owner, operator, co-permittee (if applicable), legally responsible official, application contact, and billing contact. Existing information from Tempo will be pre-populated on the page, but you can revise it as needed.


The only attachment that might be mandatory in this service is the Transfer Agreement. This attachment applies if you chose Change in Facility Ownership or Control. No other attachments will be listed as mandatory, but you can always upload additional materials if you think the information is relevant to your request by using the “Other” attachment type.