Minnesota Statewide Air Toxics Monitoring Study (1996-2001)

From 1996 through 2001, the MPCA collected air toxics samples throughout Minnesota as part of a statewide air toxics monitoring study. In this time, MPCA collected and analyzed 73 air toxics at 35 locations across Minnesota.

Minnesota concentrations of air toxics were generally below health benchmarks. Only two of the compounds monitored (benzene and formaldehyde) continue to be found above health benchmarks. However, benzene concentrations have been decreasing since 1996 and are currently below benchmarks at most monitoring locations. Adding the risk from 26 air toxics resulted in ambient air cancer risks ranging from 2.5-6 in 100,000 and noncancer hazard indices ranging from 0.6-1.4. Overall, Minnesota concentrations appear to be lower than or similar to air toxic concentrations found nationwide.

The report was published in May 2005. For more information about the Minnesota Statewide Air Toxics Monitoring Study and air toxics in Minnesota, contact Kari Palmer at 651-757-2635 or kari.palmer@state.mn.us.

PDF icon Minnesota Statewide Air Toxics Monitoring Study: 1996-2001 (aq1-29)


  • Study
  • Appendix A: Monitoring site locations
  • Appendix B: Detection limits
  • Appendix C: Inhalation health benchmarks
  • Appendix D: Summary concentration results for monitoring sites
  • Appendix E: Risk summaries
  • Appendix F: Mobile source air toxic concentrations compared to population