Frequently asked questions

Who must submit an emission inventory report?

All facilities that are required to obtain an air emission permit are required to submit an annual emission inventory.

What is the purpose of the emissions inventory?

The emission inventory is used to track the actual pollutant emissions of each facility and to determine the type and quantity of pollutants being emitted into the atmosphere. The data is then used to calculate an emission fee for each facility.

Do I need to include all my emission sources in the emission inventory report?

Yes. All emission sources with the exception of "insignificant activities" should be reported in the emission inventory. Insignificant activities are defined in Minn. Rules 7007.1300.

Do fugitive emissions have to be reported in the emission inventory report?

Yes. All fugitive emissions, with the exception of fugitive emissions resulting from "insignificant activities," should be reported in the emission inventory. Insignificant activities are defined in Minn. Rules 7007.1300.

Who pays the majority of fees in Minnesota?

The following industry sectors pay the largest portions of the aggregate fee amount, because they are the largest emitters of airborne pollutants: utilities, mining industries, manufacturing industries, refineries, and the pulp and paper industry.

How does it all work?

Facilities requiring air emission permits are required to report to the MPCA annually, in their emission inventory reports, information regarding their emissions of regulated pollutants. The MPCA then calculates the dollar per ton fee, based on the statewide annual emissions in the most recent emissions inventory. Each facility is then assessed a fee by multiplying the dollar per ton rate by the amount of pollution the facility emitted to the air.

For a given facility then, accurate emissions reporting is critical to having the fee assessed correctly. The rule includes the procedures to follow for calculating emissions.

What is the penalty for failure to submit an inventory?

Facilities that failed to submit emissions data on time will find that their fees are based on 1.5 times the most recent actual emissions in tons for which an emissions fee was assessed, per Minn. R. 7002.0025 Subp. 3.

How many days do I have to pay the fee?

The Air Quality Division sends an invoice for the fee to each facility early in the calendar year. Fees assessed under part 7002.0025 shall be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. If the fee is not paid within 60 days of the date of the fee invoice, a late fee of 10 percent must be submitted with the fee payment. An additional 10 percent of the original payment is due for each additional 30-day period that the payment is late.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

For questions regarding the emission inventory, contact Nate Edel at 651-757-2332.