Encouraging electric vehicle use in Minnesota

Chevy volt electric car

The Department of Transportation, Pollution Control Agency, and Great Plains Institute worked together to produce Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption: A Vision for Minnesota. The report documents the advancement of electric vehicles (EVs) in Minnesota and highlights the benefits of transitioning to electric passenger vehicles.

Cars that burn fossil fuels are a leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the state. The change to powering cars with electricity will have many environmental benefits, cost drivers less in fuel and maintenance, and will allow Minnesota to rely more on locally produced energy. Fewer emissions from vehicle tailpipes can lead to improved health for people who live in communities next to heavily travelled roadways. There are also opportunities to reduce emissions from the electricity sector by charging EVs with renewable energy.

Minnesota is positioned to lead the Midwest in electric vehicle adoption. Statewide travel by electric vehicles will be possible in the near future as electric vehicle corridors are expanded within the state.  Building electric vehicle corridors, manufacturing electric buses, and increasing production of local renewable energy sources creates jobs in Minnesota and supports local growth of the economy.

The EV Vision report describes in detail the strategies that are key to reaching Minnesota’s goal of powering 20 percent of passenger vehicles with electricity by 2030:

  • Accelerate EV sales and use through education and other methods
  • Build out EV charging infrastructure
  • Coordinate on regional and national initiatives to expand EV charging opportunities
  • Prioritize renewable energy to charge EVs