Electric school bus match dollars

Childrens exiting a school busTo increase the number of school districts and other eligible entities able to purchase a new electric bus, MPCA will provide match funding for your grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean School Bus Program. 

Step 1. Apply for EPA’s Clean School Bus Grant Program before deadline (Aug. 19, 2022)


The application process is simple, and money is available up front.

Step 2: If you are selected by EPA, you can apply to MPCA for additional money

If you are selected for EPA’s Clean School Bus Program, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has up to $125,000 per bus for each school district or eligible applicant to match their EPA grant and up to $7,000 available for each charging station.

MPCA is developing our program for this right now. Sign up for our GovDelivery service to learn the details as we release them. If you have questions, e-mail us: grants.pca@state.mn.us

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What you will need to apply to MPCA:

  1. Notification from the EPA that you have been selected to receive either $190,000 for a class 4 through 6 bus or $250,000 for a class 7 or 8 bus.
  2. VIN number of your 2009 or older engine model year bus that will be destroyed and replaced with your new electric bus.
  3. Primary address where the bus will operate.
  4. Quotes for the bus and the charging unit.

Please do not apply for the MPCA funding if:

  • You have been selected to receive priority level funding from EPA in the amount of $285,000 for class 4-6 or $375,000 for class 7 and 8 buses.
  • You have a class 3 bus. Class 3 is not eligible for these match dollars.
  • Your bus is engine model year 2010 or newer.
  • You do not plan to destroy your 2009 or older bus. Selling or trading the bus is not an eligible option.
  • Your school bus operates outside of the state of Minnesota.
  • If you have already purchased your new electric bus.

Talk with your utility

Please contact your local electric utility to discuss the best location for charging your electric bus.

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