Awarded DERA grants

This federal grant to states began in 2008. MPCA first focused this funding on school bus retrofits and loans for idle reduction technology devices on long-haul trucks. Recent projects include repowering five large cranes used for bridge construction, replacing six older beverage delivery trucks with new hybrid diesel-electric models, and a rock-crusher near Rochester.


MPCA had $200,000 available.

  • Broadway Recycle (Minneapolis): Replaced a 1999 Tier-0 scrapyard diesel excavator with an all-electric material handler
    grant: $40,000; total cost $225,970
  • Commercial Container (Minneapolis): Replaced a roll-off truck
    grant: $40,000; total cost $186,762
  • Highland Sanitation (St. Paul): Replaced a garbage truck
    grant: $24,958
  • Omar Sand and Gravel (Carlton): Replaced a dump truck
    grant: $40,000; total cost $218,779
  • Spectro Alloys Corp. (Rosemount): Replaced two diesel forklifts
    grant: $24,244; total cost $96,900
  • Twin City and Western Railroad (Glencoe): Purchased idle-reduction devices for two short-line locomotives operating between Glencoe and Hopkins
    grant: $35,689; total cost: $89,222


For these funded projects, 18 high-polluting old engines will be disabled and replaced with cleaner alternatives.

Off road. Through DERA, MPCA and U.S. EPA grant funding provided 40 percent of the cost to replace six Tier-0 off-road engines. Replacing these engines requires taking the vehicles out of service, so they are waiting for the off season to do the work.

  • LS Marine (St. Paul): River-dredging boat, replacing two 1985, Tier-0 engines
    grant: $53,013; total cost $132,533
    PM reduction 0.208 tons, NOx reduction 4.243 tons
  • Upper River Services: Barge-loading crane, replacing a 1999 Tier-1 engine
    grant: $26,751; total cost $66,788
    PM reduction 0.045 tons, NOx reduction 0.554 tons
  • Prairie Island Indian Community: River tour boat replacing three Tier-0 engines
    grant: $40,000*; total cost $226,581 (*awarded at less than 40 percent due to limited remaining grant funds)

On road. MPCA and EPA provided 25 percent of the grant funding for these awards to replace 12 old vehicles with nine new ones powered by clean diesels and one CNG vehicle.

  • Schmidt Disposal (St. Paul): Replace a 2000 roll-off truck
    grant: $14,000; total cost $120,251
    PM cut by 0.018 tons, NOx cut by 0.435 tons
  • Commercial Container (Minneapolis): Replace a roll-off truck
    grant: $40,000; total cost $191,768
    PM cut by 0.035 tons, NOx cut by 0.810 tons
  • Highland Sanitation (Newport): Replace a 2001 garbage truck
    grant: $37,499; total cost $149,995
    PM cut by 0.025 tons of PM 2.5, NOx cut by 0.571 tons
  • West Central Sanitation: Replace waste-transfer truck with new truck fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG)
    grant: $37,799; total cost $151,196
    PM cut by 0.052 tons, NOx cut by 1.163 tons
  • Action Moving (Burnsville): Replace two 1995 moving trucks
    grant: $46,299; total cost $185,198
    PM cut by 0.046 tons, NOx cut by 0.908 tons
  • Viking Coca-Cola (St. Cloud): Replace two delivery trucks (1998 and 2002)
    grant: $57,563; total cost $230,252
    PM cut by 0.054 tons, NOx cut by 1.554 tons
  • Eureka Recycling (Minneapolis): Replace 3 trucks (disabling 4)
    grant: $120,000; total cost $805,227
    PM cut by 0.038 tons, NOx cut by 0.515 tons


Funded projects received assistance with up to 25% of the cost of a new vehicle.

  • Alex Rubbish and Recycling (Alexandria): Garbage truck
    Grant: $61,455
  • City of Buffalo: Dump truck
    Grant: $39,237
  • Coolidge Trucking System (St. Paul): Roll-off truck
    Grant: $21,797
  • Misgen Auto Parts (Ellendale): Roll-off truck
    Grant: $37,500
  • St. Louis County School District: Two propane school buses
    Grant: $52,630
  • Viking Coca-Cola (St. Cloud): Two beverage delivery trucks
    Grant: $56,949


The MPCA received 12 grant applications; each was scored independently by three evaluation team members. Three grants were awarded for four projects, with each award winner providing at least a 75-percent match for these new truck-replacement projects.

  • Caledonia Haulers (Caledonia): New Class 8 truck for milk pickup and delivery
    Grant: $31,217; Recipient match: $93,652
  • Como Propane (Duluth): New Class 8 truck for propane delivery
    Grant: $30,425; Recipient match: $91,275
  • Gene’s Disposal (Hugo): New Class 8 garbage truck and a new Class 7 roll-off truck
    Grant: $71,857; Recipient match: $215,572


Six DERA grants were awarded for 12 diesel projects.

  • DLS (Clear Lake): retrofit a diesel particulate filter (DPF)
    Grant $6,197; Match: $6,197
  • Randy Eich Trucking (St. Joseph): Retrofit a DPF to long-haul truck
    Grant: $8,975; Match: $8,975
  • Pat Fruth Trucking (Clearwater): Retrofit 6 DPFs to long-haul trucks
    Grant: $49,971; Match: $49,971
  • Action Moving: Replace a moving truck
    Grant: $23,735; Match: $71,409
  • Elk River ISD 728: Replace a snowplow
    Grant: $42,183; Match: $126,550
  • Highland Sanitation (Newport): Two new Class 8 waste-hauling trucks
    Grant: $55,636; Match: $169,851