Aviation Facility General Permit

The Aviation Facility Part 70 General Permit (AGP) is primarily intended for businesses with high potential emissions and low actual emissions that began operating without an air permit. For purposes of this general permit, "aviation facility" is defined as a facility engaged in painting or applying coatings to aircraft or aerospace vehicles, subject to 40 CFR pt. 63, subp. GG, Aerospace Manufacturing and Rework Facilities.  A number of such facilities exist unpermitted in Minnesota; therefore, any facility can apply as long they meet the qualification requirements.   

The general permit is intended for major sources that constructed without a permit and are now subject to a major source NESHAP (40 CFR pt. 63, subp. GG), but have very low actual emissions. The general permit includes BACT-equivalent emission control requirements and Best Management Practices for coating, blasting, and combustion operations, and the requirements of applicable major source NESHAPs (40 CFR pt. 63, subps. T, GG and DDDDD).

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