Alex Rubbish and Recycling

Alex Rubbish and Recycling (Alexandria) had a truck-replacement project funded in part by FY2016 Diesel Emission Reduction Act grant money.

Alex Rubbish and Recycling (Alexandria) upgraded to a 2017 model truckFor a large diesel truck, fewer emissions and quieter operations are surely good qualities. But eight feet shorter? For a garbage truck driver, that’s a dream come true.

Alex Rubbish and Recycling replaced a 2002 garbage truck with a 2017 model, thanks in part to a Clean Diesel grant awarded from the MPCA.

MPCA likes the project because it estimates the new truck will reduce fine particle pollution, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds by 94%.

Alex Rubbish driver Mike loves the new truck, which uses an auger instead of a compactor. It's eight feet shorter than a typical garbage truck, but handles the same payload. “This shorter truck makes backing into driveways and navigating cul-de-sacs so much easier.  I save time because I can make one tight circle instead of having to back up three times to make it around."

Shaynen Schmidt, co-owner of Alex Rubbish, says, “All the other drivers are jealous Mike has the new truck. They can’t wait for him to go on vacation so they get a chance to drive it.”