Air monitoring for Healthy Rural and Urban Kids project

The MPCA and Minnesota Department of Health are working together to better understand what environmental chemicals children are exposed to in urban and rural parts of the state. Healthy Rural and Urban Kids is a biomonitoring study with a focus on potential air pollution exposures. The MPCA is supporting this work by collecting air samples at two sites near where MDH is collecting the biological samples from kids.

MPCA collected air samples from May through September 2018 and will have them analyzed for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and metals. The air data will be online once they are available.

Small shed with air monitoring equipment on roof sits in field of brown grass.

Person looks at monitoring equipment in white utility boxes on snow covered rooftop.

26624 N Tower Rd
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
Becker County
Site ID: 27-005-2013

3104 North Pacific Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County
Site ID: 27-053-0909