Affordable Clean Energy Rule

In June 2019, U.S. EPA adopted the Affordable Clean Energy Rule (ACE). ACE replaces the EPA’s Clean Power Plan controlling CO2 from electric generating units.

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Developing Minnesota's plan

The ACE rule requires each state to develop a plan for developing and implementing limits on carbon dioxide emissions (C02) at coal-fired power plants. This 111(d) plan must establish enforceable CO2 emission rates for each affected coal-fired electric generating unit; processes for monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting; and a schedule for compliance. The plan must be submitted to EPA by July 2022 for approval.


MPCA hosted this webinar to discuss preparing Minnesota’s 111(d) plan. Representatives from MPCA and U.S. EPA summarized the rule and addressed the timeframe for implementation planning, MPCA’s evaluation of compliance options, information requests of the utilities, and options for evaluating cost effectiveness.

PDF icon Implementing Affordable Clean Energy Rule in Minnesota (aq4-31)

HTML icon Webex: ACE rule implementation in Minnesota (Feb. 3)