Accidental release prevention requirements of the Clean Air Act amendments of 1990

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established a list of regulated substances and thresholds and issued Risk Management Program regulations under section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act. The goals of the regulations are to prevent accidental releases of chemicals that could cause serious harm to human health or the environment and to reduce the severity of releases that do occur.

A central element of this program is providing state and local governments and the public with information about the risk of chemical accidents and what facilities are doing to prevent such accidents. Covered facilities must implement a risk management program and submit a summary of that program, the Risk Management Plan (RMP), to EPA. In turn, EPA has made the RMP available to the public in federal public reading rooms, intending that the RMP will stimulate dialogue between industry and the public to improve accident prevention and emergency response practices

Minnesota has not been delegated authority for this program. EPA is the delegating authority.

Information on RMPs and hazardous materials

General information on risk management plans

Hazardous Materials Regional Response Team Program