Air modeling e-Service sources — Details

All air dispersion modeling protocols should be entered in the air modeling e-Service , with the exception of certain EBDs (see forms page). This report provides useful preliminary information to air modelers on the amount of information that will need to be entered/changed in the e-Service when filling out a modeling protocol. Use this report to:

  1.  Check to see how many source parameters are marked Null.
    (a) The fields with nulls, excluding length and width for circular stacks, will need to have data entered as you work through the e-Service.     
  2. Check to see if the values in the fields that are not null, match the values that are being modeled.
    (b) If the values match, data entry will be greatly reduced. However, if a significant number of the sources have values that need to be changed, more time will be required for data entry.
  3. Find subject item IDs in MPCA’s database that correspond to past model IDs.

You may notice emissions are not listed as source parameters in this report. That is because emissions will not pre-populate to the e-Service. Emissions depend on the pollutants being modeled, operating scenarios etc., so these will need to be entered each time an e-Service protocol is submitted.  At this time there is no way to change the information that pre-populates to the e-Service, but if you have any questions about the data being displayed, please contact for assistance.

Another secondary use for this report is to assist with data for modeling nearby sources. If you intend to use the report for nearby source information, remember the data will need to be supplemented with coordinate information from past modeling and emission information from Air Permitting when submitting modeling results (form AQDM-06).