Operating procedures

Effective September 30, 2015

  1. Name and chair: The Governor’s Committee to Advise the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will be called the MPCA Advisory Committee (AC). The MPCA commissioner is the chair of the committee.
  2. Schedule and location: The commissioner will convene the AC through a regular schedule of monthly meetings tentatively held on the calendar, which may be canceled if not needed. Additional meetings may also be called for matters the commissioner wishes to consult about before a regularly scheduled AC meeting. The meetings will generally be held at the MPCA building in St. Paul unless special circumstances dictate that the AC meet offsite. A quorum is not required to conduct the meeting.
  3. Content and timing of meetings: The commissioner will consult with his staff and evaluate which matters rise to the level of complexity, controversy or other concern that he wishes to receive advice from the AC. Those matters will be referred to the AC at the appropriate meeting time. There is no petition process to bring a matter to the AC. If there is an inquiry or request from the public or from individual AC members to discuss a matter with the AC, the commissioner will respond to that request at his own discretion, as he would to any public inquiry.
  4. Meeting notice and information: The MPCA will maintain an AC webpage on the public website. The MPCA will place items related to the activities of the AC in this location. The MPCA will post AC meeting agendas and any related meeting materials on the website in advance of the meeting, and make the information available in other formats as requested. Audio recordings will be maintained of all meetings.
  5. Meeting content: Meetings on matters that involve draft documents such as a permit or EAW will generally take place before the MPCA’s formal public comment period concludes. Meetings will include a presentation from MPCA staff on the matter to be discussed. The AC members will have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions of staff. At the discretion of the chair (commissioner), project proposers may provide information to the AC. Oral remarks from members of the public will be accepted at the discretion of the chair and subject to time availability. The AC will not solicit or entertain written materials from the public at the meeting. The chair will ask for advice from the AC members during the meeting as appropriate. General meeting notes will be maintained of the meeting activities and posted on the website. However, specific remarks or advice from the AC members will not be recorded in writing. Robert’s Rules will not be required for the meetings. The format and conduct of the meeting conversation will be directed by the chair.
  6. Other considerations: The MPCA will conduct all AC meetings in public. AC members will be expected to identify in advance any potential conflicts of interest they may have relative to a matter being discussed by the AC, but any such conflicts do not preclude the member’s participation in the meeting. Ex parte communications are not prohibited between the AC members themselves or between them and any member of the public.