Reporting progress

The Interagency Pollution Prevention and Advisory Team gathers data from Minnesota state agencies on sustainable goals in building management and operations.

Agency summaries

An annual summary of state agency sustainability plans in the targeted categories is collected through IPPAT. To see what all state agencies have pledged to accomplish toward sustainable operations and purchasing, see the summary below.

PDF icon State of Minnesota Sustainability Plan Summary

Note: State agencies are not required to report progress on the sustainability plans separately, except where required by law.

In addition to the summary collected through IPPAT, some agencies and organizations publish their own report on sustainability progress and measures.


IPPAT metrics summary

Recycling metrics for state agencies

Recycling reduces greenhouse gases

Buying remanufactured toner cartridges

Buying recycled content paper

Reduce bottled water purchases

Awareness of air quality alerts

Messaging about reducing air pollution