Construction, Demolition and Industrial Landfill Work Group

The Legislature laid out several tasks in the May 2008 Omnibus Supplemental Budget bill (2008 Minnesota Laws, Chapter 363, Article 5).

Pursuant to those directives, the MPCA has convened a group mandated under that language, called the Construction, Demolition, and Industrial Landfill (CDIL) Work Group, as described below. Under the legislation the MPCA is providing staff support. Also pursuant to the law, the MPCA will undertake subsequent rulemaking on landfill siting and financial assurance, as described below. Following is a summary of the process as laid out by the Legislature.

Final Report

The Work Group successfully completed its charge to deliver the following report to the Legislature on January 15, 2009:

Work Group Process

Report to the Legislature by the CDIL Work Group (2008 Minnesota Session Laws, Chapter 363, Art. 5, sec. 34)

  • The Work Group charge: "to develop, evaluate, and recommend policies and legislation regarding the management of industrial solid waste and construction and demolition debris in land disposal facilities." The Work Group will write its own report to the Legislature.
  • Work Group members are appointed by the MPCA Commissioner.
  • The law requires the Work Group to have membership from the following sectors: counties, State agencies, private landfill owners, waste haulers, environmental organizations, and other interested parties. Commissioner Moore initially named these members: [pending Web format, final list in process].
  • The Work Group had an organizational meeting on July 14, 2008, and has begun meeting at three week intervals.
  • The deadline for the Work Group to deliver its report to the Legislature is January 15, 2009.

Followup work by MPCA after January 15, 2009

The MPCA expects to invite some members of the Work Group to join a subsequent stakeholder group to advise MPCA rulemaking to satisfy the following legislative directive: the rule is to include landfill siting and financial assurance to reduce risks to ground water (see Article 5, sec. 24). By January 15, 2010, the MPCA is to deliver a report to the Legislature "on proposed rules, under Minnesota Statutes, section 116.07, subdivision 4, to prohibit the disposal of solid waste in specific areas due to the sensitivity of the area to groundwater contamination" (see Article 5, sec. 33). Following its January 15, 2010, rule progress report the MPCA expects to enter rulemaking.


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    For more information about the Construction, Demolition, and Industrial Landfill Work Group, contact Jim Chiles, 651-757-2272, or Nathan Cooley, 651-757-2290.