Green meetings

greengatheringslogoThe Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is committed to ensuring our environmental resources are used wisely because conservation is an important element of stewardship.

Hosting a green event

Green gatherings strive to

  • Reduce volume and toxicity of waste 
  • Enhance our social responsibility
  • Lead by example and emphasizing the importance of environmentally friendly practices, services, and standards.

As an environmentally aware organization, the MPCA looks for environmental commitment from our staff, vendors, and partnering facilities. Our goal is to produce environmentally sound conferences approaching zero waste and low impact meetings. Actions the MPCA will undertake to minimize the impact our events have on the environment may include:

  • Reducing paper waste: Using electronic notifications, online presentations, double-sided copying whenever paper is necessary.
  • Reducing other wastes: Using reusable cups/bottles/plates/cutlery. Minimizing “give-aways” (marketing items).
  • Recycling more: Setting up additional recycling stations for paper, cans, and bottles.
  • Minimizing harmful emissions: Encouraging no idling and use of mass transportation.
  • Offering low-impact foods: Featuring locally produced, organic, free range, vegetarian foods.
  • Diverting solid waste: Composting food waste or donating it to a food shelf or local farm.
  • Environmentally preferable signage: Making banner signs from recycled plastic bottles instead of vinyl. Using nontoxic glues and reusing signs wherever possible.
  • Eliminating the use of harmful chemicals: Using green cleaning supplies in both public areas and sleeping rooms throughout the event.