SSTS practitioner and homeowner information

This page contains information for homeowners on sewage treatment, how to hire an SSTS professional, system options, and requirements on inspections, maintenance and abandonment. Since local ordinances can vary from the state code, always check with your local government (township, city or county) to determine the requirements in your area.

For SSTS product manufacturers

The use of proprietary treatment devices and distribution media in Minnesota has been hampered by the lack of a statewide "gateway" for products to enter the onsite wastewater treatment market.

Electronic waste and recycling

Consumer electronics such as TVs, computer equipment, and DVD players contain toxic metals and chemicals. According to the EPA, Americans own nearly 3 billion electronic products.

SSTS rules, regulations, and ordinances

Current SSTS rules, laws, statutes, regulations and ordinances

SSTS business licensing, individual certification and enforcement

An SSTS license is required to do business in Minnesota as an SSTS installer, maintainer, service provider, designer, advanced designer, inspector, or advanced inspector. Local governments cannot require additional local licenses for septic system professionals.

Small Business Environmental Assistance Program

The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) provides free, confidential, multi-media environmental assistance to small businesses.