Buffers improve water quality

Can we really see a difference in water quality in streams where there are buffers compared to those without buffers? According to a recent analysis, the answer is yes.

East metro residents will see investments in clean water and natural resources from 3M grant

Portions of the grant will be devoted to assuring clean drinking water supplies to east metropolitan residents and others dedicated to improving the east metro’s aquatic resources and wildlife habitat.

Protect and restore St. Louis River watershed resources: MPCA reports

Located in the Lake Superior Basin, monitoring and analysis showed water quality is fair-to-good in the watershed’s entire stream network and many of its 375 lakes.

Plan for investing $47 million from Volkswagen settlement in a better, cleaner Minnesota environment is now ready for public input

Minnesota’s draft Volkswagen plan was crafted with significant public input provided over a year of nine public meetings held across the state, nearly 300 written comments, and over 800 survey responses to determine how Minnesotans want to spend the settlement funds.