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Assistance and resources

Technical Assistance

Providing pollution prevention technical assistance is a proven means to achieve implementation. An independent 1999 survey of manufacturers showed that on-site P2 technical assistance ranked as one of the highest needs by Minnesota facilities. MPCA provides technical assistance to Minnesota businesses in several different ways.

Small Business Environmental Assistance Program

The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) provides free, confidential, multi-media environmental assistance to small businesses.

Technical assistance programs

MPCA provides financial support to several technical assistance providers in Minnesota, including strategic partnerships with the University of Minnesota (MnTAP), Minnesota ReTAP, and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce (Minnesota Waste Wise).

There are many assistance programs at the local level in Minnesota, as well as national providers of technical information and resources.

Financial assistance

MPCA financial assistance, both grants and loans, is matched dollar-for-dollar by the recipient. It increases use of environmentally preferable technology and education. Since P2 technologies must compete against all other needs that businesses and communities have, this assistance is used to get results that would not otherwise occur.

Environmental management systems

According to environmental managers, one of the most significant barriers they face acquiring funds to implement P2 in their facilities is a lack of management support. Environmental projects are often seen as an addition rather than as a complement to existing programs. Many Minnesota facilities already have quality management systems such as ISO 9000 or environmental management systems like ISO 14000 in place. Staff at MPCA have been trained in ISO systems so that P2 can be integrated into existing programs.

Useful resources

MPCA and its partners have developed a series of print and online resources, as well as web links, to help your organization or business learn how to reduce waste, prevent pollution and make environmentally responsible purchases. Whether your aim is to develop a formal pollution prevention plan, cut your garbage bill or figure out how to responsibly manage items that fall outside the basic recycling services, you'll find something here to help you.

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