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Asbestos Program

The Asbestos Program works to prevent emissions of asbestos-containing materials during both renovation and demolition projects. The program includes specific regulations for inspecting for asbestos, what asbestos needs to removed and when, and emission control procedures used to control asbestos fibers during the actual removal. Regulations also cover transporting, packaging and disposing of asbestos.

Individuals homes that are not part of any public or commercial project are exempt from state regulations, but if asbestos is removed from a home, it may be regulated by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Primary customers of this program are any owner or operator of a building that may contain asbestos. The most frequent users are large/small businesses, municipalities, non-profit organizations and other local units of government.

Another key customer segment are contractors that do renovation and demolition projects.

Priorities of the Asbestos Program include ensuring compliance with asbestos removal and disposal regulations, and preventing instances where asbestos may be inadvertently overlooked or disturbed during renovations and demolitions.


For owners of buildings containing asbestos and contractors who perform removals.

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