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Hazardous waste

Improperly stored hazardous waste barrelsIn Minnesota, commercial entities that produce any amount of hazardous waste are regulated as hazardous-waste "generators" with requirements that depend upon the amount of waste they produce. These requirements are part of the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Minnesota Hazardous Waste Rules. They are designed to protect people and the environment from the effects of improper management of hazardous wastes from commercial sources.

The primary users of this program are waste-producing industries, such as:

  • manufacturers
  • auto repair or painting shops
  • printing
  • metal finishing or electroplating shops
  • photo or X-ray processors
  • medical or dental clinics
  • county, state and federal agencies
  • waste consultants
  • dry cleaners

The MPCA and metropolitan county hazardous waste programs help achieve proper hazardous waste management through:

  • licensing, education and outreach activities;
  • working with various levels of government, industry associations and waste consultants;
  • providing technical assistance and training; and
  • implementing rules.

The MPCA regulates and provides assistance to generators in greater Minnesota. County hazardous waste programs regulate and provide assistance to generators within the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Information and assistance

For more information about waste management, see the MPCA's hazardous waste publications, or contact your metropolitan county hazardous waste office or the MPCA office closest to your county.

For information about reducing the amount of waste you generate, call the Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP) at 612-624-1300 or 800-247-0015.

Metro County Hazardous Waste Offices

  • Anoka County 763-422-7093
  • Carver County 952-361-1800
  • Dakota County 952-891-7557
  • Hennepin County 612-348-3777
  • Ramsey County 651-266-1199
  • Scott County 952-496-8177
  • Washington County 651-430-6655

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

  • Toll free 800-657-3864
  • Brainerd 218-828-2492
  • Detroit Lakes 218-847-1519
  • Duluth 218-723-4660
  • Mankato 507-389-5977
  • Marshall 507-537-7146
  • Rochester 507-285-7343
  • St. Paul 651-296-6300
  • Willmar 320-214-3786

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