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August 28 2007 19:00

Eco House Makes Green Building Look Great

Contact: Dan McLean, 651-297-1607 Saint Paul, Minn. -- If you have any plans for building or remodeling your home in the future, be sure to check out the this year's Eco Experience at the 2007 Minnesota State Fair. It features an efficient 1,200-square-foot eco house that is a state-of-the-art example of how to use materials efficiently, save energy, cut waste and maintain healthy indoor air quality. Built by Northwoods Custom Homes and designed by SALA Architects, the eco house showcases a wide range of earth-friendly features available to consumers, from energy-efficient appliances to double-flush toilets to non-toxic paint and finishes. Rachel Maloney, president and owner of Natural Built Home provided most of the furnishings in the home, such as cork and bamboo flooring (both renewable resources), cabinets finished with non-toxic materials, recycled-glass tiles, energy-efficient lights, carpet made from recycled plastic and water-conserving bathroom fixtures. More than 80 elements of the house were selected to make an environmental statement. Like the house featured at the Eco Experience last year, this year's model is constructed from "structural insulated panels," known as SIPs, which tightly insulate the home against cold or warm weather with thick, hard-foam panels that are sandwiched between plywood. Vermillion-red siding, white trim and a galvanized-aluminum roof give the two-story house a smart, but traditional style. The house meets an increasingly educated market. According to Greg Holst, president of Northwoods Custom Homes, more and more homeowners want to build a house, that provides better indoor air quality, doesn't break the bank and which complements their environmental values. "Even if they don't have all the specifics, there are a growing number of buyers who have some ideas about building an energy-efficient or environment-friendly home - our buyer is a much more aware buyer," Holst said. To preview the eco house, visit and click on "Green Buildings" in the sidebar menu. About the Eco Experience
The Eco Experience is a 25,000-square-foot exhibit devoted entirely to educating visitors on ways to lessen their environmental footprint. Complete with lush rain gardens, a cutting-edge eco home, and displays on renewable energy, organic products and services, the Eco Experience is the one place to stop and learn about adopting a "greener" lifestyle. The Eco Experience is presented by the Minnesota State Fair and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Bring your family, bring a friend and get your green on!

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