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Reporting requirements

for Clean Water Partnership, Section 319, and Clean Water Fund projects

Semi-annual budgeting and reporting forms

The following budget and reporting forms can be used by CWP, Section 319 and Clean Water Legacy representatives who have active projects (including TMDL projects). The CWP/319 Semi-annual Reporting Form is an electronic version of the reporting form due twice annually, on February 1 (for the period July 1 through December 31) and August 1 (for the period January 1 through June 30). If you have questions or need assistance, call Sara Johnson at 651-757-2473.

Final report guidance and requirements for CWP, 319, and TMDL study projects

A final progress report is required of all CWP, Section 319 and TMDL study projects.  Attached is the guidance for preparing the final report.

All final reports must be submitted electronically to your MPCA project manager for final review and approval no later than 30 days after the end date of the grant agreement or contract. Parts of the report that are not available electronically should be sent separately to your project manager.  The semi-annual reports that have been submitted during the life of the project should form the basis of the final report.

For a CWP Phase I resource investigation grant the final report will include a completed Diagnostic Study and Implementation Plan.  The study and plan are submitted to the MPCA for review and approval. Content of the study and plan are specified in Minnesota Rules 7076.0240. Enclosed is further documentation that should assist you in completing the diagnostic study and implementation plan. 

The report includes information on the water of concern and the project area, analysis of information collected by the project, water quality goals and objectives, and a specific plan for achieving those goals and monitoring progress.  You must also submit a final financial report containing a detailed summary of project expenditures correlated to the elements of the work plan.  Electronic copies of the Diagnostic Study and Implementation Plan and final financial report must be submitted to your MPCA project manager.  Once the study and plan are approved, the project sponsor will receive the final 10% of the project grant funds and is also able to apply for CWP or Section 319 implementation funds during the next funding cycle.

Please contact the CWP, 319 and TMDL study grants coordinators if you have any questions or need further assistance:

Annual reports to the U.S. EPA

Watershed Achievements: Annual Report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Clean Water Act Section 319 and Clean Water Partnership Projects in Minnesota.

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