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Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems Program (SSTS)

Septic System DiagramSubsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (SSTS), commonly known as septic systems, are regulated by Minnesota Statutes 115.55 and 115.56.

These regulations detail:

  1. Minimum technical standards for individual and mid-size SSTS (Chapter 7080 and 7081);
  2. A framework for local administration of SSTS programs (Chapter 7082) and;
  3. Statewide licensing and certification of SSTS professionals, SSTS product review and registration, and establishment of the SSTS Advisory Committee. (Chapter 7083).

Program goals

The goal of the SSTS program is to protect the public health and the environment through adequate dispersal and treatment of domestic sewage from dwellings or other establishments generating volumes less than 10,000 gallons per day.

Methods employed by MPCA towards accomplishing these goals are:

  1. Periodic revisions to Minnesota's SSTS code (MN Rules Chapters 7080, 7081, 7082, 7083);
  2. Ongoing assistance in interpreting Minnesota's SSTS code; and
  3. Administrating the statewide SSTS Certification and Licensing Program

SSTS staff

SSTS requirements are adopted and enforced locally. Requests for assistance or complaints should first be directed to the local unit of government (county, city, township).

SSTS Advisory Committee

The SSTS Advisory Committee is a group of professionals and others interested in the SSTS industry who advise MPCA on matters relating to MN Rule Chapters 7080-7083 and administration of the SSTS program.

Members commit to a four-year term and meetings are held semi-annually or more frequently as needed.

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