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Water publications

The documents below provide information about water and water-quality issues in Minnesota.

Permit forms and fact sheets

Permit application forms

MPCA water quality permits establish specific limits and requirements to protect Minnesota's surface and groundwater quality for a variety of uses, including drinking water, fishing and recreation. Permits are regularly reviewed and updated as they expire, allowing the MPCA to incorporate new information about the impacts of pollutants to the environment in subsequent permits. Permits are enforced through a combination of self-reporting (reports to the MPCA, U.S. EPA or both) and compliance monitoring.

Permit-related fact sheets

Guidance documents

  • Wastewater technical guidance documents. These publications provide technical information and guidance on topics ranging from design criteria for stabilization ponds to reliability for mechanical wastewater treatment plants. These documents are especially useful to municipal and industrial dischargers.



Watershed Achievements

Annual report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Clean Water Act Section 319 and Clean Water Partnership Projects in Minnesota.

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