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SBEAP Publications: Newsletters, Calendars and Guides

Newsletter: Small Business Enterprise

The Small Business Enterprise is a quarterly newsletter that covers compliance issues, pollution prevention and training. Plus, subscribers can get timely updates through GovDelivery.

Recent issues

Small Business Enterprise Newsletter
  • GovDelivery Archive News from the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program External Link
    • Reducing chemical exposure from receipts
    • Reduce VOCs with help from MnTAP
    • Survey: Water-related businesses
    • 2015 Industrial stormwater permit updates
  • GovDelivery Archive 2015 - Winter External Link
    • Deadline: Air emission inventories due
    • Sign up now: Industrial Paint trainings available
    • Industrial stormwater permit updates
    • New ozone standard may mean tougher regulations
    • Training: Ten steps to hazardous waste compliance
    • MN leads the nation in pollution prevention
    • Better maintenance of paved surfaces


Small Business Enterprise Newsletter: Past issues

  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: 2014 - Fall External Link [published: 10/29/14]
    • Food waste at the Duluth Grill
    • MPCA small business loans help green up local business
    • Recycling to be required for commercial buildings
    • Looking to cut VOCs? MnTAP can help clear the air
  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: 2014 - Summer External Link [published: 08/12/14]
    • Small business VOC grants to clear the air - apply this week
    • Industrial Stormwater General Permit - reapply now
    • RETAP helps nonprofit save big on energy bills
    • Small business architectural paint management coming near you
    • Proposed amendments to NSPS for grain elevators - comments due Oct 7th
    • EPA funds sustainable and innovative products and research in small business - open now
  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: Funding news External Link [published: 05/23/14]
    Inside: MPCA offers small-business grants to clear the air; Capital equipment costs holding you back? Consider a small business loan; MPCA Environmental Loan Program
  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: News from the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program External Link [published: 04/03/14]
    Inside: Money available from MPCA - Funding to reduce BPA exposure from receipts; Heavy-duty diesel grant funding for cleaner air
  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: 2013 - Winter External Link [published: 01/22/14]
    Inside: Small business VOC reduction; Clear Lake Press keeps on greening; MnTAP interns and solid waste trainings; Made in Minnesota solar incentive amounts set for 2014; The right suppliers right here in Minnesota; Hennepin County business recycling grants available; Area Source Boiler Rule – new videos and Jan 20 deadline; Ideas from the web
  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: News from the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program External Link [published: 10/08/13]
    Inside: Don't miss MPCA grant opportunity for VOC reductions; Industrial stormwater updates; Minnesota ban on coal tar sealants coming January 2014; Where is your e-waste headed?; Seven tools you need to climb Mount Sustainability
  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: 2013 - Summer External Link [published: 07/25/13]
    Inside: Greening at Warners' Stellian; ReUSE Minnesota: Making reuse happen; New tool explains stationary engine rules; DoItGreen Directory: Promote your green business efforts; Turfgrass maintenance trainings; MPCA looking for small business partners in VOC reduction; Rural MN Solar Initiative helps farmers, small businesses gain solar; Funding: MPCA Clean diesel grant helps reduce air pollution
  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: News from the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program External Link [published: 05/24/13]
    Inside: Green funding - Minneapolis grants for greening up auto maintenance; Rule watch - Revised federal boiler and stationary engines standards
  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: 2013 - Spring External Link [published: 04/30/13]
    Inside: MPCA offers business assistance to reduce BPA; free energy assessments for small businesses; Mpls grants for dry cleaners switching from toxic perc; Mpls grants for auto maintenance; Charging while you work: A new guide for expanding workplace electric vehicle charging; 30 seconds and a gallon jug could save your commercial kitchen over $400/yr; Business news from MNTAP; Kare 11 featuring green business challenge
  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: 2012 - Fall External Link [published: 10/12/12]
    Inside: Better maintenance of paved surfaces; Industrial Stormwater update; MPCA Grant Opportunity – reducing BPA in thermal papers; Study shows workers at "green" companies more productive; NPPR 2025 Safer Chemistry Challenge Program webinars; DfE safer chemicals list; EPA identifies substitutes for toxic flame-retardant chemical
  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: 2012 - Summer External Link [published: 08/10/12]
    Inside: Small business highlight: Eco-friendly REI; Fairview reduces waste at the source; A new look for the Minnesota Materials Exchange; EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award winner - small business; All new grain elevator page
  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: Business funding and a RICE rule webinar External Link [published: 05/17/12]
    Inside: MPCA Environmental Assistance Grants (due June 14); Workplace Charging for Electric Vehicles (due May 22); June Webinars on Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE)
  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: 2012 - Spring External Link [published: 05/01/12]
    Inside: Industrial stormwater—are you monitoring?; Helping truckers save money and clean up the air; Energy efficiency at a metal fabricator; Minnesota Business First Stop launched; New SBEAP regulatory tools; Resourceful Waste Management Guide updated
  • GovDelivery Archive Small Business Enterprise: Green funding opportunities External Link [published: 03/28/12]
    Inside: RFQ solicitation for assistance providers; Workplace charging of electric vehicles; Reusable transport packaging funding; MPCA GreenCorps accepting applications; MPCA Environmental Assistance Loan program
  • PDF Document Small Business Enterprise: 2012 - Winter [published: 02/08/12]
    Inside: Safer Chemistry Challenge Program; Parking lots on a low-salt diet; EI awards now open; Switch out T12 fluorescents now; EPA approves alt. refrigerants; New regulatory resources; Emissions Inventory reporting delayed


Subscribe to Small Business Enterprise

To help reduce paper waste, the Small Business Enterprise e-newsletter is available via GovDelivery. For paper copies, contact Angela Bourdaghs at 651-757-2176.

Compliance calendars

Compliance calendars can be used to keep records and log inspections, keep you up to date on regulations affecting your business, and provide great ideas for pollution prevention and waste reduction (and related cost savings).

To request a free calendar, call the SBEAP hotline at 651-282-6143 or 800-657-3938.

Download and print a calendar. Note: to print like a calendar, set your print properties to "flip up" the pages.

2015 calendars

Out of print

These calendars will not be updated, but you can print out monthly log sheets to help with your recordkeeping.

Environmental Guide for Small Businesses in Minnesota

This guide was created for small manufacturers as a user-friendly guide to Minnesota's environmental regulations. The goal is to give you enough information to quickly determine whether your business is subject to a regulation and where to go for more help.

  • Short chapters focused by rule areas.
  • A flow chart helps you determine which rules apply to your business.
  • Details on regulation and step-by-step approach to complying.
  • Resources for additional information and assistance.

Get the guide

Environmental Guide for Small Businesses in Minnesota

Download the full document or by chapter.

PDF Document Environmental Guide for Small Businesses in Minnesota (p-sbap1-00)

To request a free printed copy, call the SBEAP Hotline: 651-282-6143 or 800-657-3938.

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