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Pollution prevention publications

The following publications are a result of work conducted as part of consecutive EPA Pollution Prevention Grants awarded to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

  • PDF Document Pollution Prevention Survey - A status report on integration of preventive approaches into MPCA programs (p2s-survey)
    In 2002, the MPCA conducted an internal survey to evaluate factors surrounding integration of prevention principles and practices into regulatory and non-regulatory programs. The survey results were intended to provide a better understanding of perceptions among agency staff and leadership (supervisors, managers and executives) about pollution prevention (P2) integration, to quantify the experience of staff and leadership with P2 integrations and to attempt to identify the readiness of staff and leadership for implementing additional P2 integration.
  • PDF Document P2 Tools Initiative (p-p2s2-02)
    In 2003, with support from the agency-wide Planning and Assistance Unit, MPCA leadership launched the P2 Tools Initiative to identify, develop and implement 3 to 5 pilot projects designed to evaluate the benefits of pollution prevention regulatory integration. The projects promoted alternative environmental protection approaches that complement more traditional means of regulatory compliance.

EPA Pollution Prevention Grant: Progress reports and deliverables

MPCA provides semi-annual and final reports regarding activities in the EPA grant work plans:

Topics include:

  • Water Pollution Prevention at Rural Developments: Alternative Storm water Management Designs
  • Energy Systems Choices
  • 21 st Century Environmental Protection
  • P2 Regulatory Integration: A Road Map for the Future --- Integrating Preventive Approaches into Environmental Programs (P2 Tools Initiative)
  • Just-In-Time Prevention Assistance

Topics include:

  • Phosphorus Strategy and Total Maximum Daily Loads
  • Toxic Reduction in the Lake Superior Basin
  • Enforcement Forums and Supplemental Environmental Projects
  • P2/Sustainability Performance Measures and Tracking -- Improved Links with Service Delivery
  • Innovations Strategy
  • Case Studies and Database (P2Rx Center)
  • Advocacy and Ongoing Assistance
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