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State Contracts

The MPCA works with the Materials Management Division (MMD) to develop environmental specifications for targeted product and service contracts. State contracts may be used by all public entities in Minnesota. Certain non-profits are also eligible to purchase from state contracts. Read more about Minnesota's Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV) online to learn about accessing state contracts.

Current contracts

A list of current state contracts developed with the environment and human health in mind.

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  • PDF Document Dish and Laundry Cleaning Compounds (w-ps3-33) : Contract Release C-983(5); All products on this contract were required to meet strict environmental and human health criteria, adapted from Green Seal Standards GS-51 and GS-53.
  • PDF Document Cleaning Supplies and Floor Care Products (w-ps3-25) : Contract Release C-252(5); All products on this contract, with the exception of disinfectants, were required to be Green Seal or EcoLogo certified or US EPA Design for the Environment recognized. Disinfectants were required to meet a minimum of 3 mandatory human health criteria.
  • PDF Document Janitorial paper products (w-ps3-28) : Contract Release P-661; Most products on this contract meet U.S. EPA's recycled content requirements for toilet tissue, facial tissue, napkins and paper towels, plus many are Green Seal or EcoLogo certified and/or processed Chlorine Free.
  • PDF Document Paint and Related Materials (w-ps3-30) Environmental specifications included low- and no-VOC paints (note: this contract is no longer available).
  • PDF Document Compostable Bags (w-ps3-26) and PDF Document Compostable Foodware (w-ps3-27): Contract Release B-351(bags) and Contract Release F-535 (foodware): Use these contracts for your organics diversion program – all products are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and passed real-life performance tests conducted in school cafeterias
  • Office Supplies: Access this contract by visiting the website of our vendor, Innovative Office Solutions; look for the green chasing arrows symbol to determine whether the product contains recycled content and check out the great pricing and extensive selection of remanufactured toner cartridges
  • Computers: View product standards on the state’s MN IT Services website. Standard products are required to comply with EPEAT bronze, silver, or gold standards
  • Multi-function Devices (MFDs): Contract Release C-1005: All machines on this contract are Energy Star compliant – MFDs can also help reduce electricity demand and wasted paper fluorescent tube
  • PDF Document Lamps (w-ps3-29):  Contract Release L-290(5); This contract established aggressive energy efficiency standards and mercury content limits and prohibited most standard incandescent lamps 
  • PDF Document Carpet & Resilient Flooring (w-ps3-31): Contract Release C-432(5): Established strict takeback and recycling requirements and required NSF-140 Gold certification (all carpet); GREEN GUARD for Children & Schools or Floor Score certification (all flooring); GREEN GUARD for Children & Schools or CRI Green Label Plus (all adhesives); and CRI Green Label (all cushions).
  • pdf document Drilling (w-ps3-32): Contract Release D-203; Included idle reduction and environmentally preferable fueling and engine maintenance requirements
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