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Financial assistance for pollution prevention

MPCA financial assistance, both grants and loans, is matched dollar-for-dollar by the recipient. It increases use of environmentally preferable technology and education. Since P2 technologies must compete against all other needs that businesses and communities have, this assistance is used to get results that would not otherwise occur. P2 grants and loans have resulted in improved manufacturing efficiencies, reduced emissions and costs, and new businesses. It accelerates development and adoption of technologies that make Minnesota a more competitive and environmentally attractive state.

Environmental Assistance Loan Program

Information about the latest loans opportunities is available on the Environmental Assistance Loan Program page.

Small Business Environmental Improvement Loan Program

PDF Document Small Business Environmental Improvement Loan Program (p-f2-25)

MPCA's Small Business Environmental Improvement Loan Program is a way for the state to help small businesses help themselves with environmental projects. The program provides low-interest loans to small businesses to finance environmental projects such as capital equipment upgrades that meet or exceed environmental regulations, and costs associated with the investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites.

Many different types of projects are eligible for loans. To qualify, projects need to involve pre-approved capital equipment purchases that meet or exceed environmental rules and regulations, or pre-approved site investigations and cleanups. Projects that were begun or completed prior to receiving approval from the MPCA through the application process are not eligible for the program.

The general terms of the loans:

  • a loan amount not less than $1,000 or more than $50,000
  • an interest rate of four percent or one-half the prime rate, whichever is greater at the time the loan is awarded
  • a repayment term of not more than seven years
  • collateral

For more information, or to request an application, please contact the Small Business Environmental Ombudsman.

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