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Feedlot Program

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency administers rules regulating livestock feedlots in Minnesota. In addition, counties may be delegated by the MPCA to administer the program for feedlots that are not required to have a state or federal operating permit.

The feedlot rule (Minnesota Rules Chapter 7020) regulates the collection, transportation, storage, processing and disposal of animal manure and livestock processing activities, and provides assistance to counties and the livestock industry. The rules apply to all aspects of livestock production areas including the location, design, construction, operation and management of feedlots, feed storage, stormwater runoff and manure handling facilities. The MPCA has many factsheets and technical guidance documents and can provide assistance by phone.

2016-2021 NPDES

2016-2021 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System general permit

The new National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) general permit for livestock farms covering 2016-2021 is now available. Applications for the permit should be submitted as soon as possible. The permit is available on this webpage, and at regional offices. For more information contact Kim Brynildson, MPCA, 520 Lafayette Rd. N., St. Paul, MN 55155, The current NPDES/SDS general permit expires Jan. 31, 2016.

2015 SDS

2015 State Disposal System animal feedlot general permit

The State Disposal System (SDS) general permit for livestock feedlots capable of holding 1,000 animal units (AU) or more, or the manure generated by 1,000 AU or more, as defined under Minnesota law is now available. The federal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit will contain all conditions of the SDS permit as well.

Avian flu

Avian flu epidemic clean-up and disposal

Information and guidance on the MPCA's emergency response team's work on the avian flu epidemic.

Read more: Avian flu epidemic clean-up and disposal

Contacts and assistance

MPCA Feedlot Program

QuestionsIf you have questions about the MPCA County Feedlot Program, please contact Steve Schmidt by email at or phone at 507-506-2618, or Wayne Zellmer at the Board of Water and Soil Resources by email at, or phone: 651-297-7361). For feedlot training, see the Training and Events page.

The MPCA staff listed below serve specific areas of the state. They are responsible for activities including permitting, inspections, and compliance/enforcement. In delegated counties, the county issues permits for facilities that do not require federal permits; MPCA is responsible for permitting of facilities. In non-delegated counties, the MPCA is responsible for all permitting. The map below shows area of primary responsibility for the MPCA compliance and assistance staff.

MPCA Regional Office staff

  • Brainerd
    Rhonda Adkins, 218-316-3900
  • Detroit Lakes
    Lisa Scheirer, 218-846-8122 — West Unit supervisor
    Molly Costin, 218-846-8114
    Scott Schroeder, 218-846-8134
  • Rochester
    Steve Schmidt, 507-206-2618 — East Unit supervisor
    Paul Brietzke, 507-206-2616
    Mark Gernes, 507-206-2643
  • Mankato
    Sara Isebrand, 507-344-5263
    Desiree Hohenstein, 507-344-5265
  • Marshall
    Ben Crowell, 507-476-4261
    Brent Riess, 507-476-4268
  • Willmar
    Randy Hukriede, 320-441-6966 —  manager
    Jerry Holien, 320-441-6967
    George Schwint, 320-894-5866 — engineer
    Toby Sunderland, 320-212-1910 — engineer
    Forrest Peterson, 320-441-6972 — public information
  • St. Paul
    Kim Brynildson, 651-757-2250 — lead engineer
    Richard Gruenes, 651-757-2751
    Allison Remer, 651-757-2062 — engineer

County feedlot officers

  • PDF Document County Feedlot Officers (wq-f1-13) . Feedlot contacts for counties in Minnesota. Updated April 2015. Note: this file should be printed in landscape orientation on legal-size paper.

Other county contact information

  • PDF Document County contact information (wq-f1-14) . This file contains a separate page for all 87 counties. Find a particular page by clicking on the county name on the list or map.

Training opportunities

Links to other information about feedlots

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