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Feedlot Rule information

The feedlot rules, effective October 23, 2000, are posted at the Minnesota Revisors Office Web site to ensure that the most recent version of the rule is viewed. The links below will take you to these rules. Once the rules are open in your Web browser, use the "find in page" search option to locate specific information within the rule. If you have difficulty searching the rules, contact the Legislative Reference Library at 651-296-8338 for assistance.

Minnesota Rules:

Minnesota Statutes:

2014 Feedlot Rule Update

On April 22, 2014, the MPCA Citizens’ Board approved the staff Findings of Facts and Order Adopting Feedlot Rule Amendments Governing Animal Feedlots, Permits and Certifications, and Permit Fees (Minn. R. ch.7020, 7002 and 7001). The revised rule went into effect May 27, 2014. Minn. Rules Ch. 7020 govern the storage, transportation, disposal and use of animal manure and process wastewaters, and the application for and issuance of permits for construction and operation of animal manure management and disposal or utilization systems for the protection of the environment. For more information on the amendments, Statement of Need and Reasonableness explaining why the changes were made, and the public comment process, go to the Feedlot Rulemaking webpage.

Feedlot rule-related publications


Rule-related links

Under 7020.0205 INCORPORATION BY REFERENCE please contact:

  1. American Society for Testing and Materials for further information on obtaining items A-D. Exit to Web
  2. For item E, see the Code of Federal Regulations, title 40, part 412, Feedlots Point Source Category. Exit to Web (Updated in 2003)
  3. For item F, see the Code of Federal Regulations, title 40, section 122.23.Exit to Web (Updated in 2003)
  4. For item G, see the Protected Waters and Wetlands Maps at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Web site. Exit to Web
  5. For item H, see the United States Geological Survey Quadrangle Maps. Exit to Web
  6. For item I, contact NRCS to request MN-NRCS Code No. 425 (1991) and Code No. 313 (1998). Note NRCS updated Code 313 in 2004. Exit to Web
  7. Items in J and L are currently under revision.
  8. For item K, please contact the American Society for Testing and Materials for further information. Exit to Web

Rule history

Last modified on October 16, 2015 12:20

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