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Climate change


Minnesota’s climate is changing...

And it's already affecting our health, our environment, and our economy, especially agriculture. State agencies are working together to mitigate climate change (reduce greenhouse gas emissions) and adapt to climate change (cope with climate impacts).

The MPCA’s primary role in this effort is to gather and report data, assess trends, and, eventually, factor greenhouse gas emissions into permits, as required by new federal regulations. Minnesota's focus on GHG emissions is to promote clean energy and energy efficiency, both of which can create jobs, and develop multi-pollutant reduction strategies that improve overall air quality and achieve GHG emission reductions.

MPCA also leads Minnesota’s statewide Interagency Climate Adaptation Team, formed in 2009, and also has an internal MPCA Climate Adaptation Team working on this topic. To read recent reports from both of these teams, go to MPCA's Adapting to a changing climate webpage.

Climage change and Minnesota

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