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Reduce, reuse, prevent

Reduce waste while shopping

By purchasing stuff that's over-packaged, disposable or of poor quality, your cash can soon end up as trash.

Traveling green

Travelers can generate a lot of waste and pollution, even with the best intentions. With a few changes you can green up your time away from home.

No-waste holiday

In the spirit of giving, we've gathered some holiday gift ideas that create less waste and more memories.

Reuse it

Reusing can save money and help the environment.

Recycle more - What, why, where and how

Turn waste into a resource by recycling cans, bottles, paper, and beyond.

Too much junk mail?

Direct mail—catalogs, flyers, credit card offers, memberships to clubs and organizations of all kinds—makes for a lot of paper and plastic waste in the typical household. For many, these offerings are an interesting addition to the mail pile. But for some of us this mail is unwanted and unwelcome.


Consumer electronics such as TVs, computer equipment, and DVD players contain toxic metals and chemicals. According to the EPA, Americans own nearly 3 billion electronic products.

Don't burn your garbage

If you're still using a burn barrel, wood stove, or fire-pit for your trash, it's time for a change.

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