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Eco Experience
An exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair

image How will I get rid of it? Before you buy, consider the options. It all has to go somewhere!
image Daily cooking demonstrations. These chefs cook with local food and prepare dishes that you can handle, too. Samples included!
imageSustainable Broadway. The stage is our space for shows and demonstrations. Experts, leaders in sustainability, and youth presenting on their solutions and ideas.
image Native plants for beauty, ease, and water conservation. Landscaping that can reduce mowing and watering. See installations and talk to plant experts at the Eco Experience.
image Recycle MORE. Minnesotans throw away 6 of every 10 aluminum cans, wasting resources and money.
image Electric vehicles charged with solar power. Charging with renewable energy helps reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
image Chemistry impacts our lives. Students from the University of Minnesota explain how green chemistry and engineering are reducing toxicity and waste in product development.
image The historic Progress Center goes green. The Eco Experience occupies the Progress Center building, built in 1907—and constantly being improved!
Permeable pavers let stormwater through. Let the water soak in. Permeable pavers for patios, sidewalks, and driveways. At the Eco Experience you can talk to a professional and make plans for your yard.
What can bugs tell you about water quality? What lives in the water? This exhibit provides an up-close look at the insects that tell us our lakes are healthy and safe.

The Eco Experience is a huge exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair, filled with hands-on activities, demonstrations and resources. The annual event is open during the 12 days of the Minnesota State Fair. This year's dates are August 21-September 1, 2014.

The Minnesota State Fair's history in agriculture, food, arts and crafts, innovation, and youth projects are kept alive in this environmentally themed building.


Can we talk recycling? Paper products that have been used up, tossed, crumpled, ripped, or torn – no matter what you call it - is waste. According to a recent Waste Characterization report, Minnesotans throw away a billion pounds a paper every year, paper that could be recycled or composted. This year, come see the World's Largest Wad of Paper, a visual representation of how much paper Minnesotans throw away in less than 30 seconds. Then, see how businesses use recycled paper to create #MNMade products. Many Minnesota businesses rely on recycled paper for making a variety of products such as insulation, ceiling tiles, cardboard, milk cartons, juice boxes, and, of course, paper. You'll learn why recycling and composting is important and how it helps create local jobs. Yes, we can recycle more!


#KickGas and imagine your life on a bike. Biking can be more than just recreation and fitness. Ferry your kids, shop and make it a bigger part of your life! Take a ride on bike simulator at the Eco Experience. Brought to you by the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation and the MPCA.

Questions? Contact Britt Gangeness, Eco Experience Coordinator, at 651-757-2262.

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