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Green schools

Almost one million Minnesota children and thousands of adults spend a significant portion of their days in K-12 school buildings. Find information about creating an environmentally healthy school and educational resources about environmental issues.


From kindergarten through high school, a typical child spends up to 15,000 hours in the classroom. By incorporating sustainable practices, school administrators and facilities staff can help reduce operating costs and environmental impacts, while promoting a healthy environment for students and staff.


The goal for environmental education is to develop an environmentally literate citizenry. Find resources for both formal and nonformal educators.

  • Psychology of Sustainable Behavior:Research-based tips from psychology that will help empower people in making choices and change behaviors, making environmental improvements a reality.
  • HTML Content Minnesota Report Cards on Environmental Literacy External Link
    This research reviews results of statewide surveys concerning environmental literacy of adults in Minnesota. Using these findings, educators can review, adapt, and develop efforts that can better serve their audiences.
  • Multi-cultural educational resources
    Environmental education is for people of all cultures, including those for whom English is not the native language. These workbooks are intended for students in English as a second language (ESL) and limited English proficiency (LEP) classes.


Learn how you can help prevent pollution and conserve resources.


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