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  Current e-Services  


Make a payment  Convenient electronic payment for selected invoices, licenses and permits.

  • Pay by electronic check (EFT), Visa, and MasterCard

Permits  Get permits quickly and avoid paperwork delays.

  • Construction Stormwater General Permit Application
  • Industrial Stormwater Permits
  • Pesticide Permits

Compliance data and reports  Submit data and reports electronically.

  • Air Emission Inventory submittal (CEDR)
  • Construction Stormwater Field Inspections
  • Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) submittal
  • Solid Waste Permitted Open Landfill Data submittal
  • Petroleum Remediation Field Work Notification

Citizen Complaint form 

  • Let the MPCA know about suspected pollution sources.


  About our e-Services  


MPCA e-Services gives users online access to apply for permits, submit regulatory data and information for compliance requirements, and pay fees and invoices. E-Services is a work in progress — more services will be able to be conducted electronically as more of our systems are adapted for online use.

MPCA e-Services also allows all users to submit environmental complaints.

If you are concerned about security, read MPCA's online security policy.

Who can use these online services?

E-Services can be used by anyone required to submit data to the agency for one of the services provided. Not all permitting and data submitting requirements are currently available, but new services will be added in the future.

How do I use these services?

Go to the e-Services page and sign up for an account.  Online help is available for each service.

For the Environmental Complaint service, no account is required.


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