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Clean Water Council

New and noteworthy

The next Clean Water Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 20, 2014, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the MPCA, Lower Level Board Rooms, 520 Lafayette Road North, St. Paul. For more information, see the meeting agenda.

The Clean Water Council was created through the Clean Water Legacy Act  which was signed into law June 2, 2006. The Council’s role is to advise on the administration and implementation of the Clean Water Legacy Act, including:

  • Fostering coordination among public agencies and private entities to ensure cooperation with relevant plans and programs.
  • Prioritization strategies for TMDLs, restoration and protection activities.
  • Development of appropriate processes for expert scientific review.
  • Development of education and participation strategies for citizens and stakeholders.

The Clean Water Council’s Budget and Outcomes Committee (BOC) has made preliminary FY16-17 Clean Water Fund (CWF) Program general recommendations such as “increase, decrease, steady, or no funding” compared with FY14-15 CWF appropriations and “fund or no funding” for new programs. The BOC would like your feedback on the CWF Programs that are important to you or your organization(s). If you are interested in providing feedback, please contact Council staff, Barb Peichel at or 651-757-2646 for specific directions on how to provide comments. The deadline for providing comments is August 25th, 2014.

Clean Water Council Members

Clean Water Council members: Back row: Jason Moeckel, Matt Wohlman, Bradley Kalk, Frank Jewell, Gary Burdorf, Warren Formo, Patrick Flowers, John Underhill, Todd Renville; Middle row: Gaylen Reetz, Louis Smith, Rep. Paul Torkelson, Marilyn Bernhardson, Rep. Barb Yarusso,  Michael McKay, Gene Merriam, Doug Thomas; Front Row: Sandy Rummel, Keith Hanson, Senator Bev Scalze, Victoria Reinhardt, Patrick Shea, Deb Swackhamer, Tannie Eshenaur, Sharon Doucette.

The Council's PDF Document Mission, Authority and Organizing Principles further defines how the Council seeks to work with Minnesotans in pursuit of Clean Water. The PDF DocumentClean Water Council's 2013-14 Work Plan includes the priority categories the Council will focus on in the next two years, along with the associated strategies, activities, timelines and desired outcomes.

The Council approved the Clean Water Council PDF Document Guiding Principles and Funding Priorities for FY16-17 Clean Water Funds (wq-cwc4-75s) on June 16, 2014.

More information

If you have questions about the Clean Water Council, please contact:

Barb Peichel, Clean Water Council Coordinator
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
520 Lafayette Road North
St. Paul MN 55155

Mike McKay, Clean Water Council Chair
406 Main Street
Red Wing, MN 55066

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