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MPCA Duluth office

Duluth HighbridgeMPCA Duluth office
525 Lake Avenue South
Suite 400
Duluth, MN 55802

General: 218-723-4660
Toll free, voice and TTY: 800-657-3864
Fax: 218-723-4727
Conference room: 218-723-4726
Greater Minnesota hazardous waste:
1-800-657-3724 (St. Paul staff contact)

Area of service

The Duluth Office serves the following counties: Aitkin, Itasca, Koochiching, Carlton, St. Louis, Lake, and Cook.

Regional map of area served by Duluth office

Regional highlights

Lake Superior Shoreline

Lake Superior

Lake Superior Beach Monitoring

Lake Superior Beach Monitoring

Rainy River

Rainy River Basin

St. Louis River - U.S. Steel Superfund Site

St. Louis River – U.S. Steel Superfund Site

St. Louis River/ Interlake/Duluth Tar Superfund Site

St. Louis River Interlake/Duluth Tar Superfund Site


Map to the Duluth office

PDF Document Map to the MPCA Duluth office (duluthoffice)

Map to Duluth Office

View Larger Map

Driving directions: From Twin Cities I35: Take Exit 256 B to Lake Avenue, second stop light along Frontage Road, take a right onto Lake Avenue. Turn right on Buchanan Street.

From North Shore Hwy 61: Take Exit 256B off of I35, make a left onto Lake Avenue. Turn right onto Buchanan Street.

From Iron Range Hwy 53: Turn right onto Mesaba Avenue from Central Entrance. Turn left on 7th Street at the stop light. Go one block and take a right onto Lake Avenue. In the Canal Park District take a right onto Buchanan Street.

MPCA parking: Enter lot at the end of Buchanan Street, just before the blue foot bridge, take a left and drive toward the far end of the lot next to the Paulucci Building There is a parking charge for this lot from Memorial Day through Labor Day. There is free parking in some nearby lots during the winter; most adjacent parking options require a fee year-round.

Alternative transportation services: From within the Duluth city limits: From the Greyhound bus station, call 722-SAVE (the Duluth Transit Authority's schedule service) for city bus schedules to downtown and Park Point. Not all city buses are handicap accessible. Once downtown, transfer to the Park Point bus and disembark at the 500 block.

Staff directory

All staff can be reached at 800-657-3864.

The Duluth office serves the following counties: Aitkin, Itasca, Koochiching, Carlton, St. Louis, Lake and Cook. Note: Remediation staff have a different service area (which is described in that staff's section).

Duluth Region Manager Suzanne Hanson 218-302-6614
Buyer Jan Sandstrom 218-302-6635
Office & Administrative Specialist Kathy Kaviuk 218-302-6654
Office & Administrative Specialist Patty Parker 218-302-6655
Office & Administrative Specialist Sherry Mottonen 218-302-6656

Operations Division

Communications and Outreach Section    
Public Information Officer III: Primary citizen, business and media contact: information, resource referrals, educational materials. Anne Moore 218-302-6605
Information Systems Office
Chief Information Security Officer Brian Matheson 218-302-6606
Information Technology Specialist 3 Melissa Rauner 218-302-6645

Watershed Division

Watershed Unit    
Watershed Unit Supervisor Patrick Carey 218-302-6613
Rainy River Basin Project Manager/Technical Support  Vacant  
Watershed Project Manager Vacant 218-302-6646
Wetlands/ Environmental Review Support / Total Maximum Daily Loads Tom Estabrooks 218-302-6608
Lake Superior Basin Project Manager/Technical Support Brian Fredrickson 218-302-6604
Watershed Biologist Jenny Jasperson 218-302-6634
Clean Water Partnership/319 Projects / Local Water Plans / Total Maximum Daily Loads/Stressor ID Tom Schaub 218-302-6603
Watershed Project Manager Karen Evens 218-302-6644
Groundwater Load Monitoring Stacia Grayson 218-302-6631
Watershed Project Manager Mike Kennedy 218-302-6629
Impaired Waters Biologist Jeff Jasperson 218-302-6636
Lake Superior Unit
Supervisor Nelson French 218-302-6605
Area of Concern Coordinator Diane Desotelle 218-302-6623
Lake Superior and Binational Programs  Vacant  
Project Manager Brittany Story 218-302-6626
Project Manager Dan Breneman

Municipal Division


Municipal Wastewater Section

Construction Stormwater Permit Compliance and Enforcement Jim Dexter 218-302-6632
Wastewater Treatment Facility Permit Coordinator Deb Lindlief 218-302-6652
Sub-surface Sewage Treatment Systems/Rules and Policy Barb McCarthy 218-302-6647
Municipal Water / Solid Waste Engineering Review / Permitting Vacant  
State Pre-treatment Coordinator Jaramie Logelin 218-302-6640
Wastewater Permitting Vacant  
Sub-surface Sewage Treatment Compliance and Enforcement/Technical Assistance Ian Harrison 218-846-8117
Wastewater / Industrial Stormwater Regulatory Compliance Craig Weingart

 Resource Management and Assistance Division


Solid Waste Management Section

Solid Waste Unit Supervisor Heidi Kroening 218-302-6620
Hazardous Waste Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement Kit Grayson 218-302-6627
Statewide Solid Waste Coordinator Henry Fisher 218-302-6630
Solid Waste Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement Lee Field  218-302-6609

Industrial Division


Compliance and Enforcement Section

Manager Katie Koelfgen 651-757-2499
Air Quality Compliance / Permits Steve Palzkill 218-302-6653
Wastewater Regulatory Compliance / Industrial Stormwater John Thomas 218-302-6616
Petroleum Storage Tanks Regulatory Compliance Jeff Brandon  218-302-6610
Hazardous Waste Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement Kit Grayson 218-302-6627

Land and Water Quality Permit Section

Land and Water Quality Permit Unit Manager Jeff Stollenwerk 218-302-6612
Engineering Review/ Industrial Wastewater Treatment Permits Scott Knowles 218-302-6651
Engineering Review/ Industrial Wastewater Treatment Permits Supervisor Jeff Udd 218-302-6637
Wastewater Treatment Permit Writer Amy Mustonen

Remediation Division


Superfund and Emergency Response Section

Superfund / RCRA Unit Supervisor Vacant 218-302-6611
Superfund Mike Bares 651-757-2210
Superfund Mark Elliott 218-302-6649
RCRA Corrective Actions / Superfund Barb Gnabasik 218-302-6602
Superfund Heidi Bauman 218-302-6604
Superfund Erin Endsley  218-302-6619
Voluntary Investigation and Cleanup Kevin Sikkila 218-302-6642

Closed Landfill and Emergency Response Section


Natural Resource Damage Program Coordinator

Susan Johnson 218-302-6601

Emergency Response Unit


Environmental Response Specialist

Kevin Mustonen 218-302-6641

Petroleum and Remediation Unit


Petroleum Remediation Project Leader

Laurie Kania 218-302-6639

Environmental Analysis and Outcomes Division


Water Assessment and Environmental Information Section

Surface Water Quality Monitoring Jesse Anderson 218-302-6621
Groundwater Modeler Andrew Streitz 218-302-6617
Research Scientist/Standards Vacant  
Toxicologist Laura Solem 218-302-6628

Air Assessment and Environmental Data Management Section


Air Monitoring

Jeff Cooley 218-302-6618


  • Snowmelt in streams in Duluth PDF Document Duluth Metropolitan Area Streams Snowmelt Runoff Study (duluth-snowmeltstudy) : The streams of the North Shore of Lake Superior, including those within the Duluth Metropolitan Area, exhibit high flows coincident with snowmelt and spring rains. Urbanization of watersheds can have dramatic impacts on both the hydrology and water quality of streams. During snowmelt these impacts can be severe, because of the variety of contaminants concentrated in the snowpack. Four of the larger streams in the DMA were sampled to collect baseline water quality data during the snowmelt runoff period to improve our understanding of impact that may occur during or as a result of snowmelt. Samples were analyzed for pollutants commonly found in urban runoff and compared to water quality standards where available. This report includes a summary of recommendations and best management practices for the protection of surface waters during winter and snowmelt conditions.

  • PDF Document Effect of Historical Logging on Geomorphology, Hydrology, and Water Quality in the Little Fork River Watershed (wq-s1-04) : The Little Fork River, a large tributary to the Rainy River, flows northwest through St. Louis and Koochiching Counties in northern Minnesota. Extensive stands of timber were historically logged from the 1890's to 1937. This study was designed to document current water quality conditions in the river; it also includes a detailed analysis of long term climate and streamflow records, watershed land-cover, and initial stream geomorphology surveys. Using a weight of evidence approach, we hypothesize that initial historical logging had a significant impact on the river, and likely caused the turbidity impairment that we observe presently in the watershed.

Lake Superior barrels

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency worked cooperatively with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to locate and recover barrels dumped by Honeywell Corp. (Minneapolis) into Lake Superior in the 1960s.

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