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Celebrate Earth Day, April 22


5 ways you can go a little greener this year

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Check your toilet for leaks. Toilets are especially leak-prone (20% of all toilets leak), and a leaky toilet can waste as much as 200 gallons of water every day. Unfortunately because toilet leaks are often silent, you may not even know that you have one. Find out how you can find and fix leaky toilets.

Reduce food waste.
More than 34 million tons of food was thrown away each year in this country. Here in Minnesota, the average household wastes almost $100 worth of food every month. This is bad for our wallets — and for the environment. A few simple changes in how you buy, cook, and store food can make a big difference. Find out what you can do to reduce food waste.

Start composting. Organic wastes such as yard trimmings and food scraps make up nearly 16% to 30% of waste produced by the average household. By composting, you can convert this waste into a dark, crumbly mixture that you can use to improve your garden soil and reduce your use of fertilizer and water. Learn how start composting.

  • Recycle more. Recycling isn't just for cans, bottles, paper and a few plastics anymore. How about mattresses? Holiday lights? Carpet? To learn how you can recycle unusual materials, keep them out of landfills, and benefit Minnesota's economy and environment at the same time, go to
  • Keep pollutants out of our lakes and streams. Reduce runoff from your driveway and yard. Rain gardens, make sure that rainwater soaks into the ground rather than runs off. If you prefer, capture rainwater for watering your yard and garden. Either way, stormwater runoff is reduced and our lakes and rivers stay clean. See tips for capturing rainwater and preventing runoff.


Last modified on March 12, 2015 12:58

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