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The proposal is to restore approximately 350 acres of aquatic habitat toward a shallow, sheltered bay in the 21st Avenue West channel in northeastern St Louis Bay in Duluth.
An open house is scheduled from 5 to 6 p.m. to be followed by the draft permit presentation and time for questions and comments.
In-depth monitoring and analysis has identified high levels of bacteria and phosphorus in some bodies of water in the Valley Branch watershed, including Kelle’s Creek in Afton and Sunfish Lake in Lake Elmo.
This time of year, families with septic systems should take precautions to prevent costly septic system problems during the winter.
Two new reports look at the quality of vegetation in the more than 10 million acres of wetlands in Minnesota.
The proposal would expand a cattle feedlot south of Lake Reno to 1,900 head of slaughter steers from an existing 1,608 head of feeder cattle.

Water is more than just lakes and streams. Stop by the Eco Experience to quench your thirst for knowledge about a variety of Minnesota’s waters, from groundwater to wastewater, and how to protect them.

ReUSE Minnesota will add new dimension to the MPCA’s on-going Reduce, Reuse, Recycle feature at the Eco Experience building, featuring a multipurpose workspace comprised of reuse and re-purposed items, hands-on projects, and daily demonstrations of do-it-yourself reuse projects and repair techniques.

The report is open for comment through Sept. 24, 2015.
The producer wants to expand his his 2,400-head finishing facility by adding a second 2,400-head barn, for a total of 4,800 finishing hogs.
Th owner of the biodiesel plant is planning to expand its production from 31.5 to 38 million gallons per year, and an EAW on the project is open for comment through Sept. 16.

The Minnesota State Fair is more than just food on a stick. Daily food demos at the Eco Experience sell the sizzle of locally grown and produced food. Each day brings something new, with themed days focused on a particular culture.

Look at your trash from a new perspective. Stop by the Eco Experience and learn a few behavior changes that can lead to less trash in our landfills and more resources for Minnesota companies.

The MPCA is half way through a 10-year effort to assess the condition of smaller rivers, streams and lakes throughout Minnesota’s 81 watersheds — the state’s largest rivers are being studied to complement that effort.
The MPCA has prepared an Environmental Assessment Worksheet on the proposed expansion and the public may submit written comments on the feedlot expansion EAW until 4:30 p.m. on Sept. 2, 2015.
The draft Chloride Management Plan and TMDL report developed for the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area are available for public review and comment through Sept. 2, 2015.

The Minnesota State Fair is more than just food on a stick. The Eco Experience tells the story behind the best locally grown and produced food at the Healthy Local Foods exhibit, presented by Renewing the Countryside.

The Eco Experience building is full of family-friendly, interactive and informative activities that your kids will love. Come join us to explore clean water, climate change, recycling, air quality, transportation, gardening and healthy food. There are hours of free fun to be had by the young and young-at-heart at the Eco Experience.

Have your first stop at the fair this year be Eco Experience and its beautiful front yard. Discover how the exhibits that adorn the building can put a little green in your life.

Storms and flooding show us just how much weather can affect our daily lives, especially right here in Minnesota. Foreseeing what winter might bring, or predicting how climate might change in the future is extremely important because it can help us prepare for changes and improve our communities’ resilience.

There are hundreds of ideas at Eco Experience to take home. Learn tips and tricks for all things home improvement, whether it’s indoors or in the yard. Make sure to make Eco Experience a stop on your state fair adventure and explore the future in green building.

Citizen Scientists are volunteer data collectors. In collaboration with professional scientists, they observe and record information about the natural world like weather, wildlife, plants and so much more.

The MPCA is accepting comments on the report through Aug. 26, 2015.

The Minnesota State Fair’s history in agriculture, arts, innovation, and youth projects is kept alive in this environmentally themed building. Read on to find out what’s new in the building this year!

The public may submit written comments on the R & R Thier Feedlots Inc.  EAW until 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 19, 2015. 
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