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A 30-day comment period will end April 1, 2015.
To resolve the violations, the company agreed to pay a $95,000 civil penalty.
The draft air permit would authorize the facility to replace particulate (dust) emission control equipment and incorporate a plan to track and calculate mercury emissions.
MPCA has $150,000 in federal grant funding for installing pollution controls and idle reduction devices; or for replacing engines, vehicles, or equipment.
The agency wants to “delist” parts of two brownfield sites, and that will facilitate redevelopment at both of them
The draft general permit will be open for public review and comment through March 11, 2015.
Comments on the EAW and permit are being accepted until March 4, 2015.
The Environmental Assessment Worksheet for the proposed extension is available for public comment through March 4, 2015.
Minnesota businesses are the best in the United States at reducing or eliminating some dangerous pollutants, according to a recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report.
The Exhibits will be visiting the Headwaters Science Center in downtown Bemidji from Jan. 31 to June 15, 2015.

The report is open for review and comment unitl Feb. 19.

Penalties from all 58 cases totaled $469,815.
The public comment period begins Jan. 20 and continues through Feb. 19, 2015.
In addition to correcting identified problems, the city and its contractor have been assessed a $40,000 penalty.
In addition to correcting the identified problems, the company also paid a $29, 385 penality.
The proposal would add four new crude oil storage tanks at a Minnesota Pipeline Company pipeline station operated by Koch Pipeline Company just southeast of Clearbrook.
The MPCA is now a Guinness World Records title holder, having successfully set a record for the largest paper ball.
The company has proposed two projects at its refinery in Rosemount — a natural-gas based, combined heat and power cogeneration facility and a clean fuels project.
The proposed system will use natural gas as primary fuel, and will replace two coal fired boilers.
Twenty years ago, there were more than 100 closed, state-permitted landfills across the state that had accepted garbage, and many of them were contaminating drinking water and generating explosive methane gas.
It is estimated that we toss more than 350,000 tons of salt on the metro area roads, parking lots and sidewalks annually.
AQI levels will be in the upper moderate range, with hourly AQI readings reaching levels considered unhealthy for sensitive groups at times.
In addition to correcting the identified violations, the company has paid a $25,000 penalty.
The violation was detected by an air monitoring station near the Lowry Avenue bridge on the west bank of the Mississippi River.
The MPCA will be accepting comments on the report through Dec. 26.
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