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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency offers a variety of programs and resources designed to help businesses comply with environmental regulations. Resources are also available to help them go above and beyond compliance, and to become outstanding environmental performers. Resources are also available to help local governments operate their solid waste programs efficiently and effectively. Listed below are MPCA contacts and phone numbers, and links to frequently requested information.

General assistance

MPCA general information
651-296-6300 or toll free: 800-657-3864, or use your preferred telecommunications relay service. Requests for general information can also be emailed to

Staff directories

Citizen complaints
If you have information about a pollution problem that you've seen, you can submit it to the MPCA using the form available on the Citizen Complaints page.

Environmental emergencies
Report environmental emergencies by calling the Minnesota Duty Officer at 651-649-5451 or toll-free at 800-422-0798. TTY users can call 651-297-5353 or 800-627-3529 using your preferred telecommunications relay service.

Find the right program or staff person to contact with your questions on specific environmental topics.

Student Guide to Environmental Information
Answers questions commonly requested for school homework. Examples include: what is pollution, ways to prevent pollution, environmental rules and regulations.

MPCA Resource Center and Library The Resource Center serves the environmental information needs of staff and provides information resources to the public.

Program assistance

Requests for Proposals for contracts, grants and loans

The MPCA has various contract needs and opportunities available for grants and other financial assistance for environmental projects in Minnesota. See MPCA's current requests for proposals page.

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