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Environmental Assistance Grants and Loans Program

The Environmental Grants and Loans programs were established by the Legislature, and administered by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.


Environmental Assistance grants provide financial assistance for the development of environmentally sustainable practices in Minnesota through voluntary partnerships and goal-oriented, economically driven approaches to pollution prevention and resource conservation. Through a competitive application process, MPCA seeks projects which further the agency's mission of working with Minnesotans to protect, conserve, and improve our environment and enhance quality of life in the state.

  • Past awards. A simple database provides brief summaries of past awarded grants, including project descriptions and funding details.
  • Case studies. A small set of success stories helps illustrate how financial assistance and partnerships can achieve measurable benefits for the environment throughout Minnesota.

For program assistance, contact Mary Baker: 651-757-2208 or 1-800-657-3864 toll free.


Environmental Assistance loans provide financial assistance to accelerate the application and/or improvement of environmental processes and technologies in Minnesota by providing assistance for the capital costs (machinery and equipment) of eligible projects.

MPCA partners with private financial institutions (e.g., banks) to offer loans resulting in substantially reduced interest rates for projects that will improve the environmental and economic quality of Minnesota. The model is based on a revolving funding mode, where additional funding is made available as past recipients repay their loans.

The eligibility, priority focus, and application documents are updated/revised every two years.

For program assistance, contact Mary Baker: 651-757-2208 or 1-800-657-3864 toll free.

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